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March 11, 2019

Primland Resort Weekend Getaway Recap

Last weekend we had an amazing time at Primland Resort. Rick and I are beach/coastal lovers so we never go to the mountains and actually this was our first time visiting the mountains together! It was so nice to get away and experience something new!

Primland is a luxury resort in the mountains of Southwest Virginia that offers hunting, shooting sports, and lots of other outside activities and I am convinced it is one of Virginia’s best kept secrets!

Rick went to Primland with a group of guys to hunt a few times and loved it. His last trip was years ago and since then he had talked about us going. Well, after talking about it for three years we finally made it happen!


From the time you enter the gate into Primland it’s probably another 15-20 minutes up the mountain to the lodge. The lodge has rooms to stay in as well as a restaurant, a pub, a spa, indoor pool, observatory and more. There are also mountain homes, cottages and even tree houses you can stay in on the property. They also have a shuttle service to take you to and from the lodge. They offer lots of outdoor activities but Tip: book your spa and activity appointments ASAP because they fill up fast! We learned that the hard way.


We stayed in a mountain home, Black Bear which has 7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. I picked this home because it gave each couple their own bedroom and bathroom. It was about a five minute drive to the lodge. It was secluded and so huge! The first time I went in it felt like a maze that never ended, the house just goes on and on. It took awhile to get acclimated to where everything is! The house was awesome! There was a game room with a pool table, another room downstairs with a card room and table and a room with a ping pong table.

DAY 1:

We invited four other couples and made our way on the four hour trek Friday morning. A couple of our friends own a camo Mercedes Sprinter van that we packed to the hilt lol. We joked we all packed enough to last a week. We also took a truck so that we would have two vehicles to use since people would be doing different activities at different times.

We stopped at Chateau Morrissette on the way for lunch and to visit the winery. It was pouring rain so we didn’t get to see much. Some of us did the wine tasting! It was a beautiful place and lunch was great.

The rain and fog on the mountain made for a stressful and slightly scary drive lol. And we got lost and had no service to see directions on our phones but we made it! We arrived to Primland and immediately three of us girls went straight to the spa for our massage appointments.

Omg, the 1 hour massage and spa was amazing! After my massage, I met up with my friends and went to the relaxation room for a bit (which has amazing views of the mountain) and the sauna.

While we were getting massages the rest of the group went to the pub. After we were done we all went to the house to get unpacked and settled in. We decided to prepare our dinners at the house instead of going out to eat. We split up who would be in charge of dinners, breakfast, lunch, appetizers and snacks ahead of time. First night was spaghetti, salad, and bread, yum. Then we hung out together and went to bed early since everyone had early morning activities.

Tip: if you plan on eating at home bring your food with you! I don’t even know where the nearest grocery store would be but it would be a good distance away. We knew once we were at Primland, we wouldn’t be leaving the premises until we left to go home so come prepared!


We were all up early. Some of the group went on a four hour pheasant hunt and the rest of us went back to the spa! Two of my friends did a yoga class first and loved it. It was so nice to enjoy the hot tub and heated indoor pool for a few hours with the girls. Then we headed back to the lodge to meet up with everyone coming back from hunting.

Rick and I ate lunch together at The Pub and it was amazing! They have something on the menu called “Pig Candy” so I was intrigued. It was carmelized bacon with cayenne pepper sauce. You can order it as an appetizer and it also came on the club sandwich. Rick and I ate the club sandwiches with pig candy and it was soooo good! Highly recommend!

The guys went to shoot sporting clays so us girls did a hike up the mountain. I have never done a hike and was a little skeptical but I am glad I did it! The views were incredible.

We came back and Rick had started dinner. Prime rib, asparagus, and potatoes. We all ate dinner together, and hung out at the house talking, playing games, and watching tv.

The next morning we packed up and headed home. We all had a great time and plan on trying to go back next year! There was something for everyone and it is truly a wonderful, beautiful place. If you are interested in checking it out click here for their website.

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