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January 30, 2019

Bridal Details Checklist For Your Photographer

It’s Wedding Tip Wednesday! Let’s talk bridal details. On wedding days, I always start with photographing the bridal details. Bridal details might not be something you give much thought to when it comes to your wedding photos but they are an important part of your day that deserve to be photographed.

Having all the items in one place and easily accessible for your photographer is a big help!  When I arrive to the bridal location, being able to gather the items quickly and start photographing allows me more time to get creative with the detail shots.

A helpful tip is to designate someone like your Mom or Maid of Honor to be in charge of your items. That way it takes the stress off of you.

So what details am I talking about? Here is a list to give you some ideas of what to include that you might want photographed.

The Wedding Gown

Upon arrival, I’ll gather your details and I normally start with the wedding gown. I always try to find a unique location to hang the dress. If you have a special hanger, make sure it’s with your dress. I know that seems obvious but in the rush of the wedding day, it’s easy to get lost or forgotten.

The Invitation Suite

Be sure to include one set of your invitation and rsvp card and any other paper products with your set you want photographed.

The Rings

Be sure to keep your engagement ring, and both of your wedding rings close by for photos. Some brides purchase a velvet ring box to hold their ring and for photos. Check out the Mrs. Box or Etsy for a ring box that will match your wedding colors.

Bridesmaid Dresses

This one depends on whether or not they are available at the same time to be photographed. Sometimes not all bridesmaids get ready at the bridal location. If you want them to be photographed, have all bridesmaids bring their dresses to the bridal location and wait until photos are done before putting them on. I also like to borrow one of the dresses to use as a backdrop to shoot the details and bouquet with.


Your bouquet is a must have for detail shots. I love to get a variety of shots of the bouquet and it makes for great photos with the rings and jewelry. A tip is to have your florist bring the florals to your bridal suite location before your photographer is scheduled to arrive.

Family Heirlooms

Anneka’s Mother gave her a handkerchief on her wedding day passed down from her grandmother. I used it as a backdrop for her ring. If you have any items of special meaning be sure to let your photographer know.

Other Ideas of Details to include:


– Jewelry (bracelet, necklace, earrings)


-Borrowed and Blue

Hope these tips help! If you have topics you would like me to cover, let me know!




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