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December 29, 2017

Best of Weddings | 2017

A year ago I never would’ve thought I’d be blogging about my first year of weddings. It was still a dream I thought was a long way away. But thanks to these four couples for believing in me and asking me to be their wedding photographer the dream became reality! Photographing these weddings was a dream come true. Literally! Still pinching myself!

When I look back on these weddings I still get a little emotional! I adore all of these couples and cried at every single one of these weddings! I am serious when I say I couldn’t have had any better couples this year than these four. Each wedding was beautiful and different in its own unique way. I feel very grateful to have had a small part in each one.

This post was a hard one because I loved so many and wanted to include them all! Enjoy just a few of my favorite photos and moments of 2017!!

Backyard James River Wedding VA_0126.jpg
Pecan Grove Wedding Prince George VA_0052.jpg
Backyard James River Wedding VA_0138.jpg
Backyard James River Wedding VA_0140.jpg
Pecan Grove Wedding Prince George VA_0068.jpg
Pecan Grove Wedding Prince George VA_0007.jpg
Pecan Grove Wedding Prince George VA_0025.jpg
Union Train Station Petersburg Wedding_0113.jpg
Backyard James River Wedding VA_0148.jpg
Union Train Station Petersburg Wedding_0100.jpg
Pecan Grove Wedding Prince George VA_0061.jpg
Backyard James River Wedding VA_0190.jpg
Pecan Grove Wedding Prince George VA_0020.jpg
Pecan Grove Wedding Prince George VA_0032.jpg
Backyard James River Wedding VA_0219.jpg
Backyard James River Wedding VA_0187.jpg
Backyard James River Wedding VA_0175.jpg
Backyard James River Wedding VA_0182.jpg
Pecan Grove Wedding Prince George VA_0008.jpg
Pecan Grove Wedding Prince George VA_0006.jpg
Backyard James River Wedding VA_0192.jpg

What’s an end of the year post without including a few fun ones?!

These groomsmen sure kept me laughing and it made for some funny behind the scene pictures that are too good not to share. Sorry guys!
Backyard James River Wedding VA_0241.jpg
Backyard James River Wedding VA_0242.jpg
Backyard James River Wedding VA_0245.jpg
Backyard James River Wedding VA_0246.jpg

Nailing that model look.6O7A1838.jpg

Recreating a photo Jason’s Dad took with HIS Dad when he married Jason’s Mom. Love this!

“I love you Drew.”

That time Ashley showed up with Fireball.
Backyard James River Wedding VA_0251.jpg

When Rick had to make an emergency run to get me a new memory card. Then he tested the light for me. He’s the best. 😊
Backyard James River Wedding VA_0248.jpg

We love us some Carrie.
Backyard James River Wedding VA_0247.jpg

Closing out 2017 with these pictures of Londyn. Peace out and goodbye 2017! ✌🏻You were awesome! Ready for ya 2018 and can’t wait to work with my 2018 couples!
Bailey Wedding-Megan Wedding Part 1-0089-1.jpg

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