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January 23, 2019

5 Ways To Be Prepared If It Rains On Your Wedding Day

“I hope it rains on my wedding day”….said no one ever! But, while you probably picture a nice sunny day for your wedding, rain is always a possibility. When it comes to your wedding photography, rain can throw a loop in the plan but it doesn’t have to ruin it. 2018 was the year of rain for me. Rain played a part in almost every wedding I shot. So, I thought I’d share some tips I learned with you and explain how I plan to tackle a rainy wedding day.

1) Plan Ahead –

You should always have a plan B if you are planning an outdoor ceremony and reception. Talk to your vendors to come up with a plan you can be happy with. Having a plan in place will cut down on your stress in the event it does rain. As far as photography, think about your ceremony start time if you haven’t already done invitations. Let’s say you are getting married in the late fall/winter and your ceremony is at 4:00 and you are not doing a first look. If it is raining and the sun goes down at 5, there is a narrow window of time to do outdoor portraits between ceremony end time and no cushion of time to wait for the weather to improve. If you are ok with all your portraits being indoors, it’s fine. But if you envision outdoor portraits you might want to consider an earlier ceremony time or doing a first look. Spring and summer weddings have more leeway because the sun sets so late, unless it is pouring all day, you should be able to get some outdoor portraits.

2) Be Flexible-

The biggest keys to getting great shots on a rainy wedding day is for everyone to be flexible. And by everyone I mean, the couple, bridal party, and family. This means we might not be able to stick to the wedding photography timeline I have made but instead have to play outside portraits by ear based on the rain. For example, let’s say we were going to do couple portraits right after the ceremony but a thunderstorm is passing through and it’s raining really hard. We would use my plan B and do some portraits inside or under a covered area. But if it stops raining during the reception, be flexible to be pulled out of the reception for 20 minutes to get your outdoor photos.

3) Rainy Day Must Haves-

I carry a clear bubble umbrella with me to each wedding. It’s a cute prop that makes for good photos while also keeping you dry! If it looks like you might have a rainy day, you could purchase clear umbrella’s for the bridal party. Same with a cute pair of rain boots for yourself. They will keep your feet dry and make for some cute photos of your day. I always carry a rain kit with ponchos, towels, the umbrella, etc. Bottom line, I will be prepared to keep you dry!

4) Trust Your Photographer-

Prior to the wedding days, I always discuss rain options to give my couples an idea of how I will approach the day. If I am not familiar with the venue, I will research the property ahead of time and as soon as I arrive to start planning photo locations if it’s raining. These locations will be porches, or covered areas where you can stand and not get wet. I also have to find covered locations with the best light possible or inside locations that can hold your wedding party. These locations might not be the most appealing to you but will get us the best photos. Also think about and communicate what you will or will not do. Some brides don’t want to get their dresses dirty or go out in the rain. Some brides won’t care and might even want rain photos. Express your expectations with your photographer ahead of time so they can make sure you are comfortable and getting the shots you want.

5) Have a Good Attitude

No matter what the weather brings, you are getting married! Leave the stress to your photographer and other vendors, and enjoy your day. Embrace it, and have fun with it, it will still be the best day ever!

Here are some of my favorite rainy wedding photos!

These were taken right as a bad storm crept up on us and we only had minutes to capture everything we could. You can see the black sky in the background.

Dawn Michelle Photography VA, Central VA Wedding Photographer, Upper Shirley Vineyard Wedding

Dawn Michelle Photography VADawn Michelle Photography, Central VA Wedding Photographer

Michael and Jordan had a tropical system move in and it rained allll day. A heavy steady rain. As soon as it let up we went outside for portraits. The path to the dock was flooded so Michael had to put a surf board down for us to walk on. Here is what it looked it with my iPhone and a behind the scenes photo.

It was still raining but look at the beautiful portraits we got! Michael and Jordan’s wedding was featured in Virginia Bride Magazine! See their feature here!

Hope these tips help! Thanks for stopping by!


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