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January 17, 2019

2018 Personal Year In Review

Maybe it’s just me, but as a year ends and a new one begins I always like to reflect on the previous year and look ahead to what the new year will bring. And of course, I find myself going through my photos to relive all the memories.

Nothing really life changing happened to me in 2018. It was really just a year of growth, moving forward, and living and enjoying life. My biggest struggle (and still is) was the boys growing up. Yes, I know they are growing up every day but this year especially was the year of learning to let go. Aaron turned 18, Josh turned 16. Aaron is a senior this year. They are both more independent and I’m transitioning into that stage of them needing me less and having grown kids and it’s hard. But that’s a whole other post for another day!

I was really bad about sharing my personal life in 2018 on here but plan on sharing more personal posts here on the blog in 2019. And of course we can always be friends on Instagram where I post photos and videos of life and the behind the scenes action!

So here are my highlights of 2018!

It’s snowed the first week of January and stayed COLD until basically May. So January-March was basically hibernate, go out to eat, and watch football and college basketball. I didn’t take many photos this time of year.

We did get out of the house to celebrate our friend Kat’s Birthday at her 80s themed Birthday Party!

At the end of March, the weather started turning and we went on our first flying trip of 2018. We flew to the OBX for Happy Hour at Hurricane Mo’s with our friends Johnny and Brittany. This was a really fun day!

In April we went on a 10 day vacation to Florida! Our home away from home. You can read the whole recap of the trip here and here!

May kicked off Rick’s airshow season! Warbirds Over The Beach in Virginia Beach!

Then in June he flew and was the Air Boss for The Flying Proms back at The Aviation Museum in VA Beach.

In June we also did the fly over with our friends for the NHRA Race in Dinwiddie. We could hear the race, the singing of the National Anthem, and the crowd cheering as we went over through our headphones! It was so awesome! Then we got to watch the race from the suites. I’m not a drag strip race kinda girl but it was such a cool experience!

The boys finished school in June ended their Junior and Freshman years. Summertime was lots of fun! In between work, flying, and shooting weddings, we spent our summer on the river, at the Bay house on Gwynn’s Island and several trips to the Outer Banks.

Saw Kenny Chesney in VA Beach!!!

Took a lot of boat rides and spent a lot of time in Claremont with our rivah friends!

It’s our tradition to spend 4th of July at the Outer Banks! And go back as much as we can!

The neighbors at the house at Gwynn’s Island had a block party. It was fun getting to meet the newest neighbors!

We went to Top Golf in Norfolk and loved it!

Aaron got a new car!

Aaron turned 18 and started his Senior Year within days of each other.

We got fancy and went to The James River Ball. It is always one of my favorite nights of the year!

Then Rick flew some more shows in the fall. We flew to our friend’s house for his fly in. Quickest flight ever, like 10 minutes! He was the Airboss at Biplanes and Triplanes in Va Beach then it was on to Culpeper.

Before I knew it, it was time to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas! December should’ve had its own blog post lol. It was jam packed with Christmas celebrations and fun. We decorated the big boat and put it in the Hopewell Boat Parade, went to the Colonial Williamsburg Grand Illumination, Holiday Brunch at Upper Shirley, The Jefferson, parties, and outings with friends.

New Year’s Eve we rang in 2019 in Claremont with friends after we all went to dinner at Surry Seafood.

Happy New Year!! I hope you all have a wonderful and happy 2019!! Thanks for following along!





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